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Poverty & Program Focus


  • To help transition our "at-risk" community members from poverty to productive members of our society
  • Network with existing community organizations
  • Work with the like minded Community members to advance our mission.


  • People are bound by drugs, alcohol, pornography, prostitution and dysfunctional relationships etc.
  • Programs offered in our community are excellent but some don’t include networking and even fewer include spiritual aspects to care and recovery.
  • Faith community basically works as individual entities and unity would increase effectiveness.


  • Food & clothing distribution centre
  • Educate through relevant community courses
    Courses beginning Wednesday, January 29, 2020
    (Click on the titles to learn more)

      Discover the steps to building a healthy step-family. You will learn usable solutions for everyday living and glean valuable insight and practical tips for raising your step-family the smart-not hard-way.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Visitors Room

      Course Instructors: Len & Julie Kroeker


      Thought displacement training (law of displacement). Our mind is like a bank, it multiplies and magnify's everything we put in it. What we put in our mouth and what comes out of our mouth determines our destiny.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Room: 120

      Course Instructors: Jack & Lynn Roberts


      Are you so determined to please others that you find yourself rescuing them from their problems? You will learn how to let go of unhealthy behaviours and thinking and develop healthy relationships.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Room: 114

      Course Instructor: Karen Labute


      Do you want to fully understand the vision of WCF's corporate prayer to become a stronger participant? Are you interested in becoming part of our prayer leader team? Do you play guitar or keyboard with vocals or without? This course is intended to locate your gifting and activate your call to worship and pray as a ministry to the Lord and our corporate body.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM


      Course Instructors: Melissa Cassidy & Friends


      We all have passion and a yearning for intimacy and romance. God did not create thess desires in us without also giving us the owner's manual for relationships. The biblical book Song of Solomon is devoted to all the aspects of love. The topics covered will be: The art of attraction, dating, intimacy & sex, conflict, romance and committment.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Room: 118

      Course Instructor: Karen Holmes


      Designed for couples or individuals, Marriage Enhancement will deal with some of the deeper personal and marital issues. New ways of thinking and the healing power of the Cross will bring healing and wholeness to even good marriages.

      Room: 122

      Course Instructor: Cynthia Williams


      Want the best possible outcome in building a successful, healthy marriage? This course will help you focus on what is important for a life-long commitment, understanding yourself, resolving conflict, prioritizing time, money and domestic responsibilities. With extensive assessment tools and insightful men's and women's workbooks, Dr.'s Les and Leslie's, "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" will inspire and challenge you to build an intimate, God-honouring marital relationship. Be prepared to be amazed and have fun!

      Sunday at 9 AM

      Cost: $65 per couple Starting October 14

      Room: 118

      Course Instructor: Greig & Sarah Tetley and Doug & Dianne Weeks

  • Previously offered courses, call for availability.
    (Click on the titles to learn more)

      The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic study that is transforming the lives of men around the world containing biblical teaching and proven principles to help men conquer and walk in freedom.

      Room: 108

      Course Instructor: Graham Keogh


      Research has proven that 87% of sickness is caused from wrong thinking and our lifestyle. That is not what our God wants for His children. Tomorrow's health is built on what we do today. Come join us and see your health renewed and your body improved.

      Room: 120

      Course Instructor: Lynn Roberts


      In this class we share foundational truths on healing, whether physical, spiritual or emotional.

      Room: Visitor's Room

      Course Instructor: Christine LeBoeuf


      Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program that helps us overcome our hurts, hang-ups and habits. It is based on the actual words of Jesus rather than psychological theory.

      Thurdsdays at 7 PM

      Room: 108

      Course Instructor: Brian & Karen Trevail


      Parenting from infancy to adulthood has its challenges and joys. We all want the best for our children. We will discuss parenting skills that will help guide us through the different stages of our children. We all want our child to grow up to be a person of integrity and good character and prayerfully we can help you do so through the teachings in this Parenting Class.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Room: 118

      Course Instructor: David & Kimberly Workman


      The pain of separation and divorce is one of the most intense feeling we can face. Hear from the foremost Christian experts on the subject of divorce and recovery from a biblical perspective.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Room: 108

      Course Instructor: Fred & Kelly Christian


      Learn how you can free yourself from the frustrations that sabotage your life and relationships and find freedom and victory in Christ Jesus. You can be free from the anger trap. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Room: 120

      Course Instructor: Kelly Simmons


      Learning to trust again in relationships. Difficult relationships can damage our ability to trust, causing us to shut down from close relationships. But God designed us to experience freedom and love. To live this way, we eventually need to take a risk.

      Wednesdays at 7 PM

      Course requirement: Participant's Guide (approx. $10)

      Room: 122

      Course Instructor: Karen Labute

  • Assist Through Community Programs (Click on the titles to see more information)

  • Small Group Mentoring/Personal Coaching, by establishing "healthy" relationships
  • Experience a faith based Encounter Weekend
    (Click on the titles to learn more)
    • Step One - Encounter Weekend

      The Encounter weekend is a weekend retreat designed to help bring about spiritual growth, emotional healing and deliverance from destructive behaviours, thinking patterns and addictions. You may contact the church office or website for pricing, details and registration info. We recommend that individuals attend the Pre-Encounter class prior to their Encounter.

    • Step Two - Connect Class

      This twelve week class introduces believers to the fundamentals of Christian faith and prayer to build the foundation for Christian life. It addresses the difficult questions concerning the scriptures and the way we practice our faith and helps us discover or talents and abilities to serve in the local church. Individuals can join anytime.

      Room: 333

      Course Instructor: Joey & Jamie Betlehem, Mike and Melisa Andoney, Brandon Impens

    • Step Three - Undercover

      This twelve week class introduces believers to the fundamentals of Christian faith and prayer to build the foundation for Christian life. It addresses the difficult questions concerning the scriptures and the way we practice our faith and helps us discover or talents and abilities to serve in the local church. Individuals can join anytime.

      Room: 330

      Course Instructor: Dale & Kelly Simmons

    • Step Four - Vision Class

      This ten-week class is designed to help believers understand the vision of Windsor Christian Fellowship and the fundamentals of serving in the local church. It will also examine the importance of character development including the challenges, integrity and wisdom required for effective leadership.

      Room: 329

      Course Instructor: Richard & Jocelyn Van Hende, John & Leila Journey

Key points to remember

  • Poverty is relative
  • Poverty occurs in all races and in all countries
  • Economic class is a continuous line, not a clear cut distinction.
  • Generational poverty and situation poverty are different

This work is based on patterns.All patterns have exceptions.

  • An individual brings with him/her the hidden rules of the class in which he/she was raised.
  • Schools and Businesses operate from middle-class norms and use the hidden rules of middle class.
  • In order for our clients to be successful, we must understand their hidden rules and teach them the rules that will make them successful.
  • We can neither excuse our target group nor criticize them for not knowing; as community members we must teach them and provide support, insistence, and expectations.
  • To move from poverty to middle class or middle class to wealth, an individual must give up relationships for achievement ( at least for some period of time).
  • Two things that help one move out of poverty are education and relationships
  • Four reasons one leaves poverty are: It’s too painful to stay, a vision or goal, a key relationship, or a special talent or skill.