Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Clothing Distribution

Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 11:30am

trillium foundation

rosati group

Poverty & Program Focus


  • To help transition our "at-risk" community members from poverty to productive members of our society
  • Network with existing community organizations
  • Work with the faith Community to strengthen this community project.


  • People are bound by drugs, alcohol, pornography, prostitution and dysfunctional relationships etc.
  • Programs offered in our community are excellent but some don’t include networking and even fewer include spiritual aspects to care and recovery.
  • Faith community basically works as individual entities and unity could increase effectiveness.


  • Food & clothing distribution centre
  • Educate through relevant community courses
  • Small Group Mentoring/Personal Coaching, by establisling "healthy" relationships

Key points to remember

  • Poverty is relative
  • Poverty occurs in all races and in all countries
  • Economic class is a continuous line, not a clear cut distinction.
  • Generational poverty and situation poverty are different

This work is based on patterns. All patterns have exceptions.

  • An individual brings with him/her the hidden rules of the class in which he/she was raised.
  • Schools and Businesses operate from middle-class norms and use the hidden rules of middle class.
  • In order for our clients to be successful, we must understand their hidden rules and teach them the rules that will make them successful.
  • We can neither excuse our target group nor criticize them for not knowing; as community members we must teach them and provide support, insistence, and expectations.
  • To move from poverty to middle class or middle class to wealth, an individual must give up relationships for achievement ( at least for some period of time).
  • Two things that help one move out of poverty are education and relationships
  • Four reasons one leaves poverty are: It’s too painful to stay, a vision or goal, a key relationship, or a special talent or skill.